How We Deliver


How To Deliver

How We Deliver

We adopt following methodology to deliver the Training Programs:

Pre-Training Test :

Basic Pre-training test shall be conducted to evaluate the level of understanding on the training subject.

Training and Workshop :

After the pre-training validation, actual training session will be carried out keeping in mind the level & understanding of the participants.

  • The training will be provided in power point presentation.
  • Live workshops will be arranged to involve all the participants and make the training effective.
  • Audio-visual aids will be used to demonstrate some of the concepts which are the part of training.
  • Games will be arranged in between so as to understand the importance of team work, planning etc.
  • Case Studies & Videos of work place injuries will be shared.

Post-Training Activities:

  • At the end of training session,post-training validation shall be carried out
    to evaluate the effectiveness of the training session.
  • Certification to participants.
  • One to oneQ & A session will be carried out.

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