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Fire safety TrainingFire Safety Training

The actions of employees if there is a fire are likely to be crucial to their safety and that of other people in the premises. All employees should receive basic fire safety induction training and attend refresher sessions at pre-determined intervals.

JOGI conducts customized training considering the specific risk of fire at client’s unit. Our training programs are designed in such a way that the contents are easily understood by all who are attending the training.

Apart from practical demonstration of fire and proper ways to extinguish it, Our training also includes the role that employees will be expected to play if a fire occurs.

When training is necessary?

  • When a new employee joins the company.
  • When Fire Emergency Plan has been made and implemented.
  • When past history of company has seen significant deviations from working practices and processes.
  • To ensure that employees know what they have to do to safeguard themselves and others on the premises;
  • If employees may take on the role of duty manager.

Who should be trained?

  • All employees working in plant area
  • Fire marshals
  • Emergency Response Team members

What are the typical contents?

  • Fire Emergency Plan;
  • The importance of Evacuation Plan
  • Timely and appropriate use of fire fighting equipments
  • The importance of reporting to the assembly area;
  • The fire chemistry
  • Stages of fire and its mitigation with respect to your workplace

After completion of training, we conduct a post-training validation. Successful candidates are awarded with Training Certificates.


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