Fire Adequacy Survey

32Fire Adequacy Survey

Fire Adequacy survey, is an assessment of the building against all legislative requirements, such as, a check of evacuation instructions given to employees and residents, a check of the records of maintenance of fire safety installations and an operational test of these fire safety installations. In other words, a fire safety survey will involve a check of the structural aspects of the building, such as, travel distances to exits and emergency escapes, etc. The survey also checks the level of compliance with the legislative requirements and that all required fire safety systems are installed, functioning and being correctly maintained. Any deficiencies detailed in the fire safety survey report must be resolved to the satisfaction of the inspecting officer within the time frame specified in the report. A re-inspection should be carried out following the deadline given to rectify any deficiencies to ensure that all faults have been corrected. The report may also contain one or more recommendations about fire safety in the building. These recommendations need not be legislative requirements, but are matters that the inspecting officer believes will assist the owner / occupier to further improve fire safety in their building.

After a fire safety survey, a report can be prepared and issued to the building owner / occupier confirming the findings of the survey, noting which fire safety system are adequate and highlighting any deficiencies. Where a deficiency is noted, the owner / occupier should be given a specified time in which to rectify the problem. The time period given for the owner to correct the problem may vary depending upon the nature of the problem and the time likely to be required to rectify it.

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