Hazards & Operability Study



We provide HAZOP Study Services to wide range of industries including Oil and Gas, Petrochemical, Chemical, Fertilizer, Pharmaceutical, Pesticides, etc. We also provide HAZOP Chairman for HAZOP Study of process P & IDs at design stage.

The HAZOP process is based on the principle that a team approach to hazard analysis will identify more problems than when individuals working separately combine results. The HAZOP team is made up of individuals with varying backgrounds and expertise. The expertise is brought together during HAZOP sessions and through a collective brainstorming effort that stimulates creativity and new ideas, a thorough review of the process under consideration is made..

HAZOPs concentrate on identifying both hazards as well as operability problems. Although hazard identification is the main focus, operability problems should be identified to the extent that they have the potential to lead to process hazards, result in an environmental violation or have a negative impact on profitability.


Carried out HAZOP study for:

  • Indian Corporate Companies
  • MNCs
  • Companies at Middle East & Gulf.

Widespread client base including:

  • Oil & Gas Plants Pharmaceutical & API Mfg. Units.
  • Petrochemical & chemical Mfg. Plants.
  • Pesticides Mfg. Plants.


The HAZOP study should preferably be carried out as early in the design phase as possible – to have influence on the design. On the other hand; the HAZOP can also be carried out as a final check when the detailed design has been completed. However, HAZOP Study is undertaken at various stage of project with specific purposes. These are summarized in the following table:

Project Stage HAZOP Methodology Purpose of HAZOP Study
FEED Stage Identify major hazards and check for availability of key hazard data. To plan for mitigation right from the design stage.
During Basic Engineering HAZOP using flow sheet and block diagram. To assess the cost implications of various HAZARDS and mitigation measures.
Before Commissioning Full HAZOP on frozen P&I diagram. To fine tune process control methodologies.To define Safe Operating Procedures.To device safe operating limits.
During Operation HAZOP on P & I diagram, SOPs, safety features and control methodology. Check that all intended actions have been implemented, including hardware and software. To identify existing operational deviation this may lead to potential HSE hazard.To assess the adequacy and efficacy of existing safeguards to prevent unwanted consequences.
Major Change in Process As Above. As Above.


  • Qualified and experienced HAZOP Chairman & Scribe.
  • Proven record of timely completion of assignment.

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