What-If Analysis

What If Analysis Report

What-If Analysis

What-If Analysis

A What-If Analysis is similar to a HAZOP, but less structured and often moves faster. However, it also requires a greater understanding of the process.

What If Analysis being one of the qualitative techniques; it is a structured brainstorming method of determining what things can go wrong and judging the likelihood and consequences of those situations occurring.

At each step in the procedure or process, “What If” questions are asked and answers are generated.

The review team then makes judgments regarding the likelihood and severity of the “What-If” answers. If the risk indicated by those judgments is unacceptable, then a recommendation is made by the team for further action. The completed analysis is then summarized and prioritized, and responsibilities are assigned.

We provide Team Leaders (facilitators) and Scribes (recording secretaries) as well as software to record and organize the study.

It is carried out as per the following steps:

  1. Developing What-if Questions
  2. Identifying the Causes
  3. Identifying the Consequences for each cause
  4. Assessing the Risk
  5. Evaluating existing Safeguards
  6. Giving Recommendations (If available safeguards are not adequate)
  7. Assigning Responsibilities
  8. Report Preparation