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PSM ServicesPSM

PSM is an effective tool to systematically manage process safety at hazardous process industries. The elements of PSM cover all the aspects which are vital in order for an industry to manage process safety and improve the HSE performance of any industry.

JOGI has a vide experience of implementing and improving a PSM program in chemical industries. We have performed numerous PSM Gap analysis & implementation programs.

JOGI provides following services related to PSM :

  • PSM Gap Analysis
  • PSM Audit
  • PSM Training
  • PSM Implementation Program

PSM Gap Analysis

The first step to develop an effective PSM program is to conduct a Gap Analysis Audit. JOGI provides a cost effective 1-2 day review of your site operations, policies, and procedures to help you identify the weakness and major issues in implementation of PSM programs…


PSM Audit

The major objective of process safety management (PSM) audit is identify the level of implementation of PSM program. PSM Audit requires a systematic approach to evaluating all the elements of PSM. Audit covers all the aspects of process safety. Areas like process design, process technology, process changes…

PSM Audit 2

PSM Training

Training is an important part of PSM implementation program. Before PSM program is implemented, it is vital to impart training to Drivers of PSM Vehicle!

The typical contents of our PSM Training program are:

PSM Training by Nilesh Jogal.

PSM Implementation Program

Elements of PSM program vary site to site and industry to industry. JOGI therefore, designs a customized PSM program considering the only relevant and sufficient elements of PSM which encompasses all the aspects of process safety for that unit.