Third Party Safety Audit


All risk cannot be quantified, i.e. for some processes it can not be addressed by consequence analysis. As a conservative approach, these risks needs to be considered separately by means of HIRA.

What is HIRA?

HIRA or HAZARDS IDENTIFICATION AND RISK ASSESSMENT is a tool wherein hazards are identified at various stages of a particular activity. Risk assessment is carried out for each stage based on the engineering judgments. Finally, the recommendations are suggested, if existing mitigation measures are not efficient/adequate to mitigate the risk.

In HIRA, we consider major manual activities carried out by plant personnel as well as by contract labors.

Steps of HIRA:

  1. We study the process carried out in detail,
  2. Identify the hazards associated in each operational activity,
  3. Assesse its impact on human being and surrounding equipment/environment,
  4. Rank the risk posed by that hazard,
  5. Identify the existing mitigation measures in the industry and finally,
  6. Propose extra important remedial actions/measures, if the available mitigation measures are not adequate to mitigate the risk so as to minimize the risk to tolerable level.

To carry out HIRA study we propose the matrix so called a “Risk Matrix” which we refer while ranking the Risk Class to a particular identified hazard..

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