Office Safety Audit

Office Safety Audit

Office Safety Audit

Safety Audit of Office Premises

 Opening Meeting:
  • The opening meeting shall be arranged with Managers, HODs from each depts. etc. at the beginning of the audit to discuss the plan and flow of audit activities.


Workplace Observations/Visit:

The visit shall be carried out with a view to cover the AUDIT ELEMENTS mentioned below:

1. Identification of Hazards:

They include:

  • Fire hazards
  • Electrical hazards
  • Protruding surfaces
  • Slip/fall/trip hazards
  • Collision hazards

2. Personnel Interactions:

Auditor shall conduct interactions with employees / office staff to evaluate:

  • The understandings of office hazards.
  • Personnel role in case of Emergency.
  • Understanding of sign boards.
  • Operation of fire fighting equipments.

3. Evaluation of Evacuation Plan:

By Considering

  • The Occupancy (Person/Sq.Mtr).
  • The Exit Facilities.
  • Time Required For Evacuation.
  • And Size Of Exits Available.
  • Availability Of Exit Sign Boards.
  • Travel distance from work place to safe place.


4. Sign Boards:

  • To check if enough sign boards are available or not.
  • Are employees given trainings to read and follow the same.

5. Security and Vigilance on Personnel movement:

Auditor shall observe if the entry & exit and identity of unknown persons, guests or clients are maintained properly by checking:

  • Availability of CCTV camera at required locations.
  • System of ID cards, vigilance.

6. Ventilation:

  • Rate of fresh air intake
  • Adequacy of HVAC system


Closing Meeting
  • The closing meeting shall be conducted to share Strengths, Gaps, Opportunities and Recommendations.


Submission of Final Report
  • A draft report will be submitted for your review and approval.
  • On approval of the draft report, final report will be prepared and submitted to you.