Safety Audit

safety audit sliderWe conduct Safety Audits for process industries across India. In our audits, we follow sound auditing techniques and applicable legal guidelines and thereby providing a systematic critical appraisal of the effectiveness of company/plant’s safety program. The outcome of the audit gives a road map to the client for further improvement and  most importantly a clear picture of existing systems and practices.

There are several types of audits; all with specific purpose and deliverables.

Third Party Safety Audit (IS:14489)

JOGI conducts third party safety audits, generate a report that identifies any corrective actions required, and then indicate facility safety solutions based on “Best Practices”.

Our customised methodology has been designed to deliver findings and measures which truly proves to be a value-addition to client’s HSE systems and has proved us the most reliable consultants for Third Party Safety Audits….

Third Party Safety Audit

Electric Audit


  • Collection of necessary documents (List will be given by us in advance)
  • Site Visit
  • Preparation of AUDIT PLAN (Audit Plan shall be proposed by us, which shall be discussed with you and finalized)
  • Framing the plan of audit activities and communicating the same to concerned departments.
Electric Audit

Process Safety Audit

Industries which handle large quantities of hazardous substances are required to demonstrate their capability to design, locate, operate and maintain facilities to standards acceptable to the Govt. and public. There is no single ideal system of Hazard identification procedures…

Process Safety Audit

Fire Safety Audit

Fire in any occupancy has potential to cause severe damages to both life and property. Fire Safety audit is found to be the effective tool for assessing fire safety standards of occupancy. It helps the owners to identify the areas for improvement and evolve an action plan, in addition to emergency preparedness and mock drills…

Fire Audit

Office Safety Audit


  • The opening meeting shall be arranged with Managers, HODs from each depts. etc. at the beginning of the audit to discuss the plan and flow of audit activities.



The visit shall be carried out with a view to cover the AUDIT ELEMENTS mentioned below:

Office Safety Audit