ERDMP Communication Flowchart

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  • Receiving of necessary documents (List will be given by us in advance).
  • Review of the information received.
  • Preparation of ON SITE EMERGENCY PLAN as per Schedule 8-A of Gujarat Factory Rules, Rule No. 68-J (12) (I).
  • Nature & Levels of Emergency will be defined
  • Structure of Emergency Management System will be proposed
  • Duties of Chief Emergency Controller, incident Controller, Deputy Incident Controller and SMC will be defined.
  • Other elements like Assembly Points, ECC, Communication System, Medical Services and Mutual Aid Members will be covered.
  • Action on site during emergency, actions to avoid emergency and post-emergency actions will be proposed.
  • A draft report will be submitted for your review and approval.
  • On approval of the draft report, final report will be prepared and submitted to you.

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